The 2020 US Elections Were Rigged By The Media!

It has been 10 days since the ballots were cast in the 2020 elections, and the results are being called into question by the President, who was holding a commanding lead when the counting process was halted, for no apparent reason nor precedent, in multiple states at the same time! Only to find that all his margins were wiped out after counting restarted.

Statistical analysis shows that there seem to be gross anomalies with ballot processing and counting. Please read this article, it’s not the subject of my post.

Since he announced his candidacy for President, Donald Trump has been vilified by the main stream media (MSM), he has been called many things, a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a misogynist, a tyrant, “destroyer of America” and enemy of the constitution.

He has, many many times and in the most disgusting fashion, been called a nazi and been compared to Hitler, despite the fact, that there is absolutely no evidence of this at all – NONE!

Trump has shown himself to be a true friend to the Jewish people and to Israel, he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, and has brokered multiple peace deals between Israel and Islamic countries. Peace deals, which people like John Kerry (and the MSM) had said would be impossible, without a prior “peace deal” with the Palestinians, a people who live to die as martyrs in their aim to destroy Israel and her citizens.

Trump recognised that conflict is not about land (that is the “common belief” which is the MSM driven narrative) and flipped the conventional “wisdom” on it’s head.

Trump’s daughter has converted to Judaism and, together with her husband, built a modern orthodox Jewish home. It is in extremely bad taste that such a term can be so glibly used when describing him.

Trump is NOT a nazi, neither is he Hitler, and yet, I have never heard the MSM calling out any of those that promote such hatred!

Quite the opposite in fact, because it helps them to push their hatred of Trump down the throats of people, people that are most obviously, incapable of thinking for themselves.

The anti Trump rhetoric has been pushed on a global scale and many artists, actors, activists and other such “influencers” have climbed on the bandwagon, one actor using his platform at the Oscars to say “FU*K Trump” – to the whole of America.

Another singer saying that she wanted to “blow up the White House.”

The MSM’s coverage is global and their message of hate has been carried to the four corners of the earth, to the point where one would be hard pushed to find any place on earth whose inhabitants do not have an opinion about Trump, one way or another!

The internet and social media, who I put in the same box as the MSM, are rife with Trump hatred, which is often almost tangible in it’s intensity.

I often ask myself the question, “how can people that have never ever met this man, hate him so much?”

The only answer to that question, that I can see, is MSM.

One of the most important questions to ask at this juncture is, where did this narrative come from and why?

The answer is obvious to anybody that has observed with a critical eye, the MSM is carrying the Democratic torch, and this has become more and more transparent in the run up to the elections.

MSM outlets, such as (but not limited to) twatter and farce-book, have taken it upon themselves to censor the kind of “news” that is seen by those who appear incapable of independent thought.

Aside from preventing the dissemination of certain information (see article above and many others) on their platforms, they have actively censored posts from the President.

Factual information too, has been censored and called into question with MSM “fact checkers” putting opaque masks over posts with wording such as “false information – checked by independent ‘fact checkers,'” some even arguing that factual information can be used as “misinformation.”

After calling four 100% factual articles, from four separate outlets “misinformation,” Kevin Roose posted “For the conservatives who are mad about this: yes, it is possible for a story to be factually accurate *and* for it to be part of a misinformation campaign aimed at undermining confidence in the election.”

When such narratives abound, and the average person is bombarded by such selective distribution of information with such an obvious hateful bias and agenda, couched in diatribe and vitriol, it is no wonder that so many people hate this man.

The message is so constant and so consistent, that even the exact language and syntax is used across all MSM and one may even be forgiven for thinking that the articles and news broadcasts were all penned by the same hand.

Unfortunately, most don’t see it, but they receive the message loud and clear, visually, audibly and subliminally, at those times when the news (propaganda) is playing in the background!

Virtually nobody is immune – if they don’t think for themselves.

Trump, is a lot of things but I doubt that he is the monster that MSM media tell you he is!

The MSM have presented a completely one sided, hateful, picture of Trump to the world and they have done it on and on ad nauseam for the last five years or so.

When I was a youngster, we had a word for such practice, it was called “brainwashing,” and a brainwashed public is actually incapable of making an unbiased, logical, assessment of either candidate in an election.

So, in my humble opinion, whether he is confirmed, or not, Donald Trump is, in my eyes and the eyes of many like me, the real winner of the recent election.

Should he concede? – No?

The Democrats have openly stated their intention to “tear down the system,” as well as their disdain for the constitution.

The Constitution itself, mandates and demands, that Trump explore every avenue and leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend it’s integrity.

More power to him!