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Recently, Google announced updates to it’s policies. One of these updates, allows YouTube to monetize user videos and take the proceeds of said videos.

As long as the user has not, himself, reached the level at which he can claim his earnings.

This is slavery – or at best, it is theft!
Of course, your agreement to “terms and conditions” means they can do what they like.
Youtube sets the policies with respect to monetization of videos – so theoretically, they could hold back such status and claim revenue that in all likelihood, does not belong to them.
One of the things that I find interesting about social media platforms, is their continuous changing of their terms and conditions.
One enters into contract “X” with the platform and over the years, after many “policy changes” we have contract “Y” which looks similar, but is actually completely different.
Yes, it can be said that they ask for your agreement (sort of anyway) they send you their new terms – basically saying “these are our new terms and conditions – if you don’t like them, Naf Off!
Faced with a decision to continue using the platform – or start over, few people will choose the latter….even if it was a potentially viable option which it isn’t – since there is (as yet) no platform comparable to YouTube – but it’s coming!
Such a thing is tantamount to coersion because the users are often forced by financial constraints (they rely on the incomes they derive from said platforms) to agree to these changes – even if they don’t agree!
In my opinion, such “agreements” are just legalized blackmail, given legitimacy only through agreements obtained under implied threat.
This is big Tech, big Mafia, call it what you will.
And they encroach on the lives of all of us.
They drown us in ads that cannot be stopped, sometimes 2 or even three ads every five minutes or so – and then they “offer” us the ability to return to what was (no ads) as long as you pay!
This is the equivalent of an online protection racket.
We are all being forced to agree to terms and conditions that we might otherwise not agree to.
A very sad state of affairs.
A couple of days ago, Google announced that they intend to delete any content that suggests ideas that they don’t want you to hear.
This transforms Google from an online “service” provider to an online publisher.
They are now openly admitting that they do this (although in practice and secretly, they’ve been doing it for years) and are now openly and actively curating the content that they wish for y’all to see.
Tyranny is very often manifest and enforced through overt censorship and curation of public content.
We are, the frog in the boiling water, and we have allowed ourselves to become so, we have become victims of the tyrannical big tech and their quest for power at our expense.
G-d help us all.