I recently posted to the “Keep Olim” page with respect to covid and how, as a person who is “high risk” I am feeling about it.

It frightens me, and the fact that the whole issue has been obfuscated by political machinations does not make me any more confident either.

The medical professionals seem to be at odds with one another about what covid really is – or isn’t, whether masks work – or not.

There seem to me, at least, more questions than answers and it appears that many answers are given the form of directives.

Wear masks, Lock down, Social distance etc. etc.

As I said earlier, I am high risk, but there is something that I disagree with vehemently and that, is the idea that “lockdowns” will end the pandemic.

They will not, indeed, they cannot!

I’m old enough to remember “two weeks to flatten the curve” which ended up being a lot longer than 2 weeks and destroyed most of the world’s economy in the process.

Those wealthy politicians can afford to say “lockdown” because they actually have no idea what it’s like “in the trenches” so to speak.

They draw their paychecks like clockwork every month (from an “employer” that is unlikely to feel the financial pinch) and I’d hazard a guess that many have forgotten what it’s like to actually go out and earn a living!

I am a person in recovery from addiction, and addiction is known to be cunning, baffling and powerful. Addicts in the know call addiction “slick” because when you shut him out, he does push-ups on the side waiting to get back in.

Covid is slick and all our lockdowns have had little effect, because he’s still there and he’s waiting for us all to slip up in some way.

Lockdowns are the “cure all” that will kill the patient in the end.

At some point, the world has to make a reckoning and the question needs to be asked, “when do we officially acknowledge that this “cure” is more destructive than the disease it is allegedly protecting us from!

In my opinion, as long as the fatcat politicians have forgotten what real life is like for those struggling to make ends meet, such an admission seems to be very far off!

There needs to be a different approach taken towards protecting those vulnerable to covid – lockdowns are, in my opinion not the answer.

What those measures are I don’t know, but I think the topic warrants discussion.

Of course, then there is the vaccine which we may see quite soon – I pray that it’s the “cure all” that actually does the job.

In which case, this whole thread will become moot!