Thought Control from Silicon Valley

In hearings of the senate judiciary committee, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey answered questions about their alleged censorship of the information that they allow their users to see.

Of particular note were questions from R. Senator Hawley who likened big tech to the Robber Barons and asked questions about various systems in place at Facebook, questions that he asked on the strength of ‘whistleblower’ information.

It’s no secret that the recent election was ‘rigged’ by the main stream media (MSM) even before the first ballot was cast. Trump has been vilified publicly, has been called many many things, none of them particularly nice, and he has weathered this storm since the day he announced his candidacy for president.

The American public, indeed the global public have been fed on a diet of Trump hatred, the incessant, unified message that Donald Trump is this or Donald Trump is that. One would be hard pressed to find a place where nobody has heard of Donald Trump or has an opinion of him.

This narrative has polarized America and the world, causing many to absolutely abhor a man that they have never met – how can such a thing have no influence on an election?

Yet, this is a claim made by Jack Dorsey (CEO Twitter) in previous testimony?

Opinions to the contrary are restricted, they are either ‘shadow banned’ which means that their ‘footprint’ is restricted in such a way that post originators might not even notice. Or, they are stopped completely, as in the recent case of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The whole issue was like it wasn’t happening – unless you knew where to look!

One popular conservative quipped ‘we used to get millions of views but now we’re lucky to get 500,000’ – making light of something that is not funny at all but actually downright ominous.

Senator Hawley asked about tools that are used to coordinate cross platform censorship between Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Zuckerberg was gobsmacked, literally nothing glib to say, but what he did manage to do, was to refuse to provide any documentation or transparency with respect to such tools.

A refusal that he reiterated on more than one occasion, even going so far as to say that he ‘didn’t know such a tool existed!’ – his visible shock giving it the lie.

Many have long suspected that there is indeed a united push toward a ‘required’ narrative, and the existence of such algorithmic tools virtually proves it.

I argue that such a one sided ‘push’ – amounts to nothing less than coercion and brainwashing!

People should be allowed to think for themselves and when they are not given correct information, they cannot make correct decisions.

The Dominion voting system is being called into question in lawsuits brought by President Trump, and yet when I posted this (true) news item on my Facebook page – it was flagged by ‘independent fact checkers’ – as false information!

Big tech has obviously decided that they know better and that everybody is an imbecile – when they can blatantly label the truth as fiction…

As I said, there is another, more ominous side to this story, coordinated efforts such as the one I have described, by their very nature, require comprehensive knowledge of their ‘subjects’ and large databases to store said information.

It has long been known that tech companies harvest information from the internet, but not many people are aware of just how much their personal information is worth. I have an acquaintance that makes a good living recovering and selling G.P.S. data from scrapped vehicles.

I never would have thought that such a market even existed, but apparently, it does!

Recently, there have been calls by people such as Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and her ‘squad’ to start making lists of Trump supporters and threatening them with some sort of retribution for exercising their constitutional freedom of choice in the elections.

With access to big tech and their database, they already know with a high degree of certainty, who you are, where you live, how you voted and a lot more personal, even very personal information.

News anchor Christiane Amanpour recently made disgusting comments, equating President Trump’s term to kristallnacht, the ‘beginning’ of the holocaust.

All the recent violence has been from the left, violence that is pushing a narrative. That narrative is driven by the left and MSM.

The shaming has already begun, and now, with calls to start making lists and taking names, the left will soon be requiring conservative ‘deplorables’ to wear badges of shame in public, much as the Jews wore stars during the holocaust.

It appears that whatever the left is doing, they blame the right for, and since Amanpour is not alone in having made such remarks, one needs to wonder whose agenda most resembles that of the nazis?

From where I stand, it isn’t Trump’s.